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Item Selected  :  Spirals of Life
Lot # : IB Libby 29
Item Value : $5,000.00
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Spirals of Life

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Donated By
 Sarah Vedeler 
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Opening Bid  :  $1,000.00
Current Bid  :  $1,100.00
Bid Increment  :  $50.00
Minimum Bid  :  $1,150.00
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High Bidder  :  #116
Bids Placed  :  3
Times Viewed  :  3887

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About This Item

Description of Item

Quilt Artist:

Sarah Vedeler

Name of Quilt:

Spirals of Life

Size of Quilt:

30” X 30” Quilt


Fabric from Fronds Design Studio with AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 weight thread. Quilter's Dream Wool batting.


Embroidered appliqué and quilting in the hoop

Design Inspiration:

Inspired by Libby's quilt "Rococo Riffs", "Spirals of Life" represents the move from the light to the dark and back again, a reflection of Libby's path to healing. The spirals are white because the light is always calling to us, swirling through time and space, with bursts of color to remind us of the joy that is the light at the end of the tunnel. "Spirals of Life" is about choosing to live, savoring every moment.

Shipping Details
This quilt is part of a traveling art exhibit. There are two major stops. The first is at the International Quilt Show Market and Festival in Houston on Oct. 25th through Nov. 2nd. The second is AQS Quilt Show Paducah, KY in Spring of 2015. This exhibit will make a special stop to Libby Lehman. She has seen a large amount of these quilts, but there are several she has not. When the exhibit tour is done in Spring of 2015, the quilts will be immediately shipped to their new owners. Contact for details.
Shipping Price