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Item Selected  :  The Answer my Friends is Blowing in the Wind...
Category  :  Group 2: Nov 27 - Dec 4
Lot # : 40

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The Answer my Friends is Blowing in the Wind...

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 Maude Wallace Haeger 
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About This Item

Description of Item

Artist Name: Maude Wallace Haeger

City/Town: West Chester
State/Province: OH
Country: United States

Materials and Techniques: As mentioned above, the background was created using the motif I have used for several quilts. The name I gave it was Roads and Horizons and is done by taking at least two different pieces of cloth and cutting them freehand into the pieces needed and then moving them around like puzzle pieces to create the background - and of course sewn together! I drew all the faces onto Solvey and then used that to guide me as I used the darning foot of the sewing machine to allow me to embroider by hand on machine...LOL.

Artist's Statement: As the answer to "Where Have all the Children Gone?" is the companion piece with the winds blowing into the universe which is represented by the sun. I created this piece to be answering the other piece, but also as a piece that was not so sad. If there is an answer somewhere, there is hope. The winds were inspired from an old map from the 1400's that I originally used for a quilt I began in 1967. While in high school I was alone most of the time. I embroidered for hours to entertain myself. My mother and I had discussed the Caswell Carpet, which is actually an incredible embroidered carpet made of squares with different designs on each square. The Caswell Carpet is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As does happen, other people's work of the past can influence the present which is what happened for me. I did end up creating a huge embroidered quilt with blue and white squares - each individually embroidered by hand. There is a sun at the center of the original quilt with the winds placed at the four major directions. Now I embroider on the machine but guide the pieces by hand. The winds and sun have been placed upon a background of a motif I use a lot which I created at a Nancy Crow workshop several years ago. Whatever your beliefs are, hopefully voices are speaking to you – the answers/voices are blowing in the wind… (Inspiration for title is Bob Dylan's song "The Answer is Blowing in the Wind")

Size: 16" x 16"

Shipping Details
USPS Priority Mail (contact within 12 hours of auction close if you would prefer to pick up your quilt(s) at the Quilt Alliance office in Asheville NC Shipping_price: