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Auction  :  2022 Empty Bowls McKinney
Date  :  04/19/2022 - 05/13/2022
Item Selected  :  Bowl by Joshua Rhodes
Category  :  Artist Auction
Lot # : 121
Opening Bid : $100.00

Description of Item

Size: 8.25"d x 5"h

Technique: Wheel-thrown by Jump Into Art potter, Tim Bednar and painted by Joshua Rhodes


About the Artist

Frisco TX-based artist, Joshua Rhodes, has been creating things since he was a child. Always drawing and painting, he is perpetually trying new techniques and mediums to challenge himself to learn more and not grow comfortable. Even creating his art business's name ‘Limnotic Art’ from a laboratory he used to work in after college.

Josh’s main medium is oil paint, with his work displayed in a handful of galleries in North Texas, and, with some pieces being published in September 2021, he continues to push what he believes he can do with his art. For him, art is a very personal and organic thing, breathing, growing, and evolving.

Another important medium is pen and ink, creating designs and drawings that, as he describes, “seek nothing, and emulate nothing”.  UtiliIizing spray paint also, he loves to synthesize an organic theme into the technological aesthetic of the present and future world.


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