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Auction  :  Great Gatsby
Date  :  04/07/2018 - 04/28/2018
Item Selected  :  Dude Perfect
Category  :  For Him
Lot # : 28
Item Value : $400.00
Opening Bid : $200.00

Donated By
 Brazos Wifi, Matt Nichols and Readfield Meats 
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Description of Item

Want the perfect package for the dude in your life? Scoop it for yourself or spoil your man with this package that includes:

• RTIC cooler
• $50 Readfield Meats & Deli gift card
• Set of grilling tools
• Bottle of “Handsome Devil” red wine
• Blue Moon case of beer
• Salt and pepper kettle chips, bottle of BBQ sauce and steak sauce
• Customized branding iron – donated by Matt Nichols. Matt builds authentic, fire brands.

Whether for marking cattle on your ranch or for a brand/logo or even a family symbol, your branding iron will be handmade and customized to your needs. There is no computer design or machine mass production of these “working” irons, which means they are ready to be set into a fire and used. Precautions are taken in the design that prevent any blocking or burn out. Your one-of-a-kind heirloom brand will be perfect for your family, company, ranch or for a gift.

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