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Quilt Questions???

If you have questions regarding any of the quilts, please click here to email the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.

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The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Benefit Auction

November 1 through November 14 at 10:00PM Arizona Time 

The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame (AZQHoF) celebrates and honors the contribution of Arizonans to quiltmaking and educates the public about quilt making, its history and artisans.  Please visit our web site to find out more.      http://

The AZQHoF website is designed like a museum with many quilt exhibits to explore.  These include monthly Featured Quiltmakers, highlights of annual AZQHoF Induction ceremonies, and an incredible collection of Quilts and Quiltmakers from the State of Arizona.

Each year Arizona quiltmakers are nominated to be inducted into the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.  There have been thirty three honorees to date.

2015 is the fourth year of Arizona’s statewide participation in the national Quilt Documentation Project (QDP).  In cooperation with the Quilt Alliance and Michigan State University, a nationwide archive of quilts is being created online.  Many successful documentation days have taken place in Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott and Sierra Vista. Find out more about this ongoing project on our website.  Documented quilts from as far back as the 1830s can be viewed on “The Quilt Index."

It is our goal to eventually have a real Hall of Fame where we can have space for quilt exhibits and to welcome quiltmakers and visitors from around the world.

The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Award is a ribbon that may be awarded at participating Arizona quilt shows. AZQHoF Award winners are celebrated on our website and invited to display their award winning quilts at our annual Hall of Fame Induction event held in September.  For details on this award, please contact Ruth Martin at

Thank you for participating in our auction and helping us continue our goals.