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Preschool/DK Director for the Day 202//103

ITEM #7000
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Preschool/DK Director for the Day -

Here is your chance to rule the preschool!  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the preschool director?  Now you can find out.  This is not a dress down's a dress up day...Dress to impress as you become the director.

Your child will show up early and start their day with a quick snack before they put their director badge on and head out to work carpool with the teachers.
-They will greet each student as they come in.
-Help direct students to their classes.
-And get the day started off right.

On this special day your child will then...
-Decree a special rule for the day.
-Go to each class and observe and give feedback.
-Take a seat in the director's chair/office...where you will answer phone calls and assist with errands for the day.
-Have a special catered in lunch.

Your child will attend a state of the union meeting with Mr. Riley to give him updates on how the preschool is doing.  After your duties are complete sit with Mrs. Jordan and have a snack and enjoy a job well done!


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