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ITEM #208
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Relax - Relax with all of the goodies you'll find in this gorgeous vintage glass bowl filled with a facial peel, moisturizer, mask and toner, body wash, bath salts, a candle, body butter, bath fizzer, an exfoliating towel and foot cream!

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ITEM #309
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Oh Baby! -

Maternity Care Package - 11-13 prenatal appointments (not including sonograms), labor care including a natural birth center with midwife or homebirth/waterbirth options, and 6 weeks of post-partum care. House of Birth is a Texas-licensed birth center. Enjoy all the comforts of home and more in their lovely facility. Their services include: -Initial physical exam -Prenatal care and lab work -Nutritional and prenatal counseling -Labor support and birth care -Water birth option -Immediate postpartum care -Initial physical exams and newborn screen testing for the baby -Postpartum care finishing at 6-8 weeks postpartum with a well-woman visit

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