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ITEM #270
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Center Stage -

An incredible quilt by an incredible quilt artist: Tula Pink. This quilt was designed and pieced by Tula.  It measures 86" x 88" and was designed and machine pieced by Tula and long arm machine quilted by Angela Walters.  Tula actually made several versions of this quilt but this one is the 1st !!!  Quilted in 2016 featuring fabrics from all of her collections.  The back is solid black with birds.

Artist Statement:   This quilt was designed for the purpose of showing off some of my favorite focal fabrics that I have designed over the last decade. I needed a large area to highlight the large prints, medium sized pieces to show off the coordinating fabrics and small spaces where I could play with pure color. I wanted to design something traditional but approach the antics and color in a modern way, that crossroads is where I live aesthetically. This version of the Center Stage quilt was made as a sketch. I knew I wanted to make the final quilt to highlight my upcoming AllStars fabric collection with Free Spirit Fabrics. I made this version to test my pattern and get an idea of how the finished quilt might look overall. In the sashing I had pieced together solid fabrics to create a stripe pattern which led to me designing my stripes collection that debuted with All Stars in 2017 for this particular purpose. The stripes are still in print today. I make “sketch” quilts to figure out my ideas much like an artist would do with a pencil sketch before making a final painting. Center Stage Sketch is one of my favorites!

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ITEM #271
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Grand Stands -

An original illustration from the Slow and Steady Tula Pink Collection titled:  Grand Stands.  This design was done for Free Spirit Fabrics in 2015. It is signed and dated by Tula herself.  And absolute incredible chance to own artwork from a renown quilt designer.  If you love Tula Pink like we do - and we know you do - then bid now!

Artist Statement: This sketch is the original drawing for what would become the “Grandstands” print in my Slow and Steady fabric collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. Slow and Steady told the well-known fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare”. I was drawn to the story of an earnest young turtle who proved everyone wrong through hard work, determination, and strength of character against arrogance and entitlement. This print was designed to represent all of the characters that came out to cheer the turtle on. At the end of the story they forgave the Hare for his character flaws and welcomed him back into the community. They represent second chances and acceptance. The sketch was drawn in pencil on design vellum. It was eventually redrawn by Tula Pink digitally in order to prepare for printing on fabric.

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