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Welcome to our online auction

Benefiting the Sunnyvale Education Foundation

Opens Tuesday, May 18th at 10am
Closes Sunday, May 23rd at 7pm



Begin by clicking Register above to create a login.   Please save your
login information. 

You will be required to register a credit card on file before you can complete your 1st bid.  
You can do this by clicking on My Account and then Express Check In.

The catalog of auction items is listed on the left.  For item information or to place a bid,
click on the item.  To place a bid, click on Bid on This Item Now. 

The screen will display the current high bid, the bid increment, and the minimum next bid.  The Your Bid box will show the minimum next bid. Below that, you may select a Regular Bid at the minimum amount.  To place a maximum bid, change Your Bid to the maximum you wish to bid and select Auto Bid.  Auto Bid will automatically rebid when you are outbid, up to the maximum you have specified. 

Click on Submit Bid to complete your bid.

You will receive text notifications when you have been outbid.  If using Auto Bid, you will receive an outbid notification followed by a "You are the high bidder" text.  Winning bidders will receive a notification at the end of the auction.