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ITEM #4000
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Tiny House -

Own the cutest little tiny house with big heart! The tiny house was crafted with love and sweat by the middle school STEM and DI classes. They were helped along the way by some awesome contractors with generous hearts and the know how.

The house is ready to be moved to your location as an accessory building and includes the following..

200 sq ft of tiny living 
Kitchenette with stainless steel sink and faucet 
Breakfast nook 
Under stairs storage 
Beautiful light sconces & ceiling fan 
Thermostat controlled AC 
tiled Shower and full size Toilet 
Mini Fridge & Microwave Induction burner! 
cabinet storage shelf storage 
2 carpeted loft sleeping areas
6 large windows for tons of light 
easy to clean laminate flooring 
moving expenses up to a 20 mile radius 

The tiny house does not come furnished but there is an option to buy the furniture or consult with our decorator and see how cute it turns out!


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