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3 Hardback Book Set -

3 Hardback Book Set with dust covers, condition on all are very good

Patchwork Souvenirs of the 1933 World's Fair.  The Sears National Quilt Contest and Chicago's Century of Progress Exposition.  Authors:  Marikay Waldvogel and Barbara Brackman  The Sears National Quilt Contest stands as one of the most important events in American quiltmaking history because in a short period of time it encouraged the making of tens of thousands of quilts by women vying for the grand prize of $1,200.00 and the honor of having their quilts on public display.  Quilt contests have been organized since, but none has been as successful in attracting so many entries.

Soft Covers for Hard Times Quiltmaking and The Great Depression Author: Marikay Waldvogel  This book describes the rich, exciting story of quiltmaking during the Great Depression.  The result of several years research, this volume recounts the burst of activity in quiltmaking, as well as the surprising array of colorful, pastel quilts during this period.  

The Quilts of Tennessee Images of Domestic Life prior to 1930 Authors: Bets Ramsey and Merikay Waldvogel  In 1983 Bets and Merikay began the Tennessee Quilt Project, a survey and documentation of the existing quilts of Tennessee made prior to the 1930's.  The Quilts of Tennessee presents the results of their work.  It is a definitive study of Tennessee quilts, their distinctive qualities and the characteristics that link them with similar quilts from other parts of the nation.

When they began the project the authors expected to find that Tennessee's quilts reflected the diversity of the state.  They were not disappointed.  Among their findings were many exceptional quilts of high quality, many ordinary quilts of practical value, and a number of unorthodox quilts of unusual design.



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