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Quilt Top -

Quilt Top - Machine pieced 50" X 59". Various red prints with white accents.

Pieced Heart Quilt Top contributed by the late Mary Cross and Hazel Carter, Vienna VA.  Mary won the blocks and later gave them to Hazel who pieced them into this top in 2015.  There are 12 quilt blocks with hearts. 2 blocks are embroidered with the messages, "Leading cause of death among women" and "is cardiac disease".  Blocks are both hand and machine pieced.

Per Hazel Carter, founder of The Quilters Hall of Fame, "The embroidered statement is one that earlier I used to tell people about women and heart attacks, for when I experienced my first attack, it was known at that time that women often failed to understand heart attacks.  We didn't understand that women's attacks often were different than what a man experiences.  This was back in 1992.  As the doctor told me at that time, ten years earlier we might have just had to let you die, but since then we have learned a great deal more about women and heart attacks."

Made and donated by Quilters Hall of Fame founder Hazel Carter.

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