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Jinny Beyer set of 2 soft back books

Quiltmaking by Hand Simple Stitches, Exquisite Quilts.(excellent condition) In this elegantly written and beautifully produced book, celebrated quilter and designer Jinny Beyer invites you to discover the pleasures of making a quilt by hand.  An extraordinarily skilled needlewoman, Jinny share with you a simple yet versatile set of techniques that allows you to create quilts you never imagined possible.  You will not only revisit methods passed down from generation to generation, but will use new materials and techniques that make quilting more rewarding still.  Ten step by step patterns designed to help you create quilts you never dreamed possible - even a Mariners' Compass.  More than 600 color photos and drawings clearly demonstrate every hand technique.

Patchwork Patterns A revolutionary, simple way to create original and traditional patchwork patterns (good condition)  With this book, Jinny Beyer revolutionizes pattern making for craftsmen.  By using her ingenious system, any artisan who works in geometric designs -from weaver to woodworker-can be free from manufactured templates.  He or she can copy, adapt, reduce, enlarge or create any geometric pattern, including rectangles and ovals. The method described in Patchwork Patterns is amazingly simple.  It requires no elaborate equipment, only supplies found in any household.  Mrs. Beyer give her directions step-by-step using more than 500 illustrations, many of them small works of art that demonstrate her flair for imaginative use of fabrics.  In addition there are 16 pages of full-color photographs showing an outstanding selection of patchwork patterns. 


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